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Patient Story – Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem

Patient: Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem
Age: 15-years-old
Diagnosis: AML Leukemia
Heritage: Native American, Ecuadorian
Maga has been in the Seattle Children’s Hospital for over 8 months and has been confined to a quarantined room. To pass the time while she waits for a bone marrow match, she writes poetry about her experiences.

Patient Story / Videos

Patient Story – Krystin Jung

Patient: Krystin Yung
Diagnosis: Leukemia Survivor
Heritage: Chinese, Mexican
Krystin Jung just celebrated her 2 year re-birth after receiving a cord blood stem cell transplant two years ago. She was one of the first patients at the City of Hope to receive a double expanded umbilical cord blood transplant. We just happened to show up and interview her and her parents on the exact day of her cord blood transplant, two years ago this day. In this clip, Krystin shares her journey overcoming leukemia with this exciting and new clinical trial.